Talking Science Workshop

Do you think scientists should communicate their work clearly and precisely, and not leave it to the journalists and media? If you're tired of how science is misrepresented around you, or just want to be able to talk about science conversationally, join our workshop and become a skilled communicator.

Our workshops focus on public speaking and are highly recommended for interested slammers but also open for all students, PhD student and postdocs who want to improve speaking skills. Take this opportunity to train your communication skills in a small group with other researchers - get direct feedback and learn form eachother.

Next workshop:
When: Spring 2018, April 19th: 9.00 – 12.30 h, and April 20th: 13.00 – 17.00 h
Where: tba
Registration through the Transferable Skills program of the University Basel (see here)

Workshop question

Science Slam Basel

The Science Slam Basel comes back on October 12th, 2018 to the Theater Basel!

Tickets are available on the ticketshop of the Theater Basel.

We are looking for slammers! If you are passionate about what you are doing (whether it's in math, physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, history, psychology, social studies, arts or any field we missed here...) and you can explain why in a 7-minute talk for a lay audience, register now as a Slammer:
Both German and English are welcome!

We thank all the slammers!


FameLab Competition

FameLab is an international competition in science communication. Three judges select the best talk based on the three factors content, clarity, charisma. The winner of the national final represents Switzerland in the international final at the Cheltenham Festival.

Watch FameLab videos from the semi-final in Basel here on this page (see below)!

We will inform you when you can register for the FameLab competition 2019.

Registration closed

Francois-Xavier Hardy, University of Basel
Interstellar Clouds

Davide Racco, University of Geneva
Dark Matter

Priya Satalkar (2nd award), University of Basel

Atilgan Yilmaz, ETH Zurich
Cellular Reprogramming

Denis Shapiro (audience award), ETH Zurich
Modelling Biological Systems

Kishan Thodkar, University of Basel
The Thinnest Material in the World

Oskari Vinko (3rd award), ETH Zurich
Life of Brian

Janina Linnik (1st award), ETH Zurich

Adarsh Sitapat, University of Basel
Learn from the Best Teacher

Elena Nazarenko, University of Geneva
How to Save the Stars

Ganesh Pathare, Friedrich Miescher Institute

Elisabeth Meyer, Friedrich Miescher Institute
Collective Intelligence

We are a group of PhD students and researchers from different departments in Basel, e.g., Physical Chemistry (University of Basel), Friedrich Miescher Institute (FMI) or Biosystems Science and Engineering (ETH Zurich). We organize:

  • Science slams (surprise, surprise...)
  • Communication workshops for scientists
  • The FameLab competition in Basel (Swiss semi-finals)
Science Slammers and FameLabbers at Uninacht 2015
UniNacht 2015, 555th anniversary of University Basel, skuBAR.

You are a student or researcher in Basel and you would like to support us? Contact us and join our team!