Science Slam
We present you the lineup for the Basel Science Slam 2022:

  • Host: Jennifer Cain Birkmose (IQVIA & Co-founder Viva Valet)
  • Guest Speaker: Natascha Hedrich (2022 Famelab Switzerland Winner)
    • Affiliation: Swiss Science Center Technorama
  • Guest Slammer: Jens Gaitzsch (2019 Basel Science Slam Winner)
    • Affiliation: IPF (Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung)
    • Title: Fight the Freezer! (for mRNA vaccines) deutsch: Kampf dem Tiefkühlschrank! (für mRNA Impfstoffe)
  • Slammers:
    • Sandipan Tewary
      • Affiliation: Department of Molecular Life Sciences, University of Zurich
      • Title: Pursuit of Stability – a story of fruit flies
    • Daniel Angerhausen
      • Affiliation: Explainables Science Communication, Astrophysicist and Astrobiologist at ETH Zürich
      • Title: Why astronomers like to get high when they search for aliens
    • Benedikt Meyer
      • Affiliation: Freelance historian and author
      • Title: Du und Sam und der 1. August
    • Nadine Andrea Felber
      • Affiliation: Biomedical Ethics University of Basel; Co-Founder Source Engine
      • Title: Caregiving of the future – let’s ask your grandma.
    • Emma Jones
      • Affiliation: Cognitive Behavioral psychotherapist University of Basel
      • Title: Helping Philly
    • Michal Kloc
      • Affiliation: University Hospital Basel
      • Title: Math vs. Cancer
    • Jan Ruflin
      • Affiliation: Faculty of Law University of Basel
      • Title: Was Kühe mit Strafrecht zu tun haben
    • Anna Weber
      • Affiliation: IBM Research and ETH Zürich
      • Title: Welcome to the T cell police!

Important Dates
  • tbd.

What is a Science Slam?

Science Slam is a competition of the best science communicators in which motivated young researchers give a concise and comprehensible 8 min presentation of a research topic. Anything goes! The slammers can use presentations, stage props or ask the audience to do a short experiment. To win the audience’s vote, the slam must be understood by a layman, fascinating, and of course entertaining.

For Who

Whether you're in math, physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, history, psychology, social studies, arts or any field we missed here, you are welcome to present your work.


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