What is Science Slam?

Science Slam is a competition of the best science communicators in which motivated young researchers give a short, concise and comprehensible presentation of a research topic.

Anything goes! The slammers can use presentations, stage props or ask the audience to do a short experiment. To win the audience’s vote, the slam must be understood by a layman, fascinating, and of course entertaining.

Become a Slammer!

We are looking for slammers for the 9th Science Slam Basel on 4. October 2019!

Whether you're in math, physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, history, psychology, social studies, arts or any field we missed here, you are welcome to present your work.

If you have a topic that you can explain in an 8 min talk (talks can be in German or English) to a large lay audience, contact us.

Science Slam Club Basel

We are a group of PhD students and researchers from different departments in Basel.

We organize:
- Science Slams (surprise, surprise…)
- Communication workshops for scientists
- The FameLab competition in Basel (Swiss semi-finals)

Are you a student or researcher in Basel and you would like to support us? Contact us and join our team!

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Created by Science Slam Club Basel, 2019